For over 20 years CJCS have been at the forefront of providing the latest technology for the home and business, delivering both innovation and the best in value. We design , build and support our own desktop systems and so we know them inside out. Every CJCS system comes with a 24month parts and labour warranty. So whether you need a basic home/office system or a high end gaming machine you can be sure it has been built to the highest standards and backed by our team of highly qualified engineers.

New technology can be a minefield for both the home and business user. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,HD Dual Core, Intel or AMD - How do you make the right decision? Our goal is to clearly explain the advantages and benefits of the latest developments to help you make an informed choice. We help our customers make the right buying decisions based on their needs, desires and budget, and always with a view to future needs and possible upgrades.

We believe that one of the most important components ia any computer system ia after sales service. We support our customers with a broad range of services, from online and telephone support to onsite/in home maintenance.